Standard Pacific Homes

Our company is a nationwide builder, based in California with divisions throughout the country. Texas, Colorado, Arizona, the Carolinas, Florida and California. Excavation is one of the most important aspects of any residential development. We look for a “go to” excavation contractor in every job that we do. What stands out for me with Vilhauer Enterprises is their ability to meet and exceed our expectations on every level. The experience they bring to the table and the quality of work that their team performs makes the decision easy. They’ve done nothing but good work for us.

Chip Boyd - Director of Land Development

Adolfson & Peterson Construction

What we look for in our business is a true partner...a subcontractor who brings value to the table beyond the work that they perform for us out in the field. We had never worked with Vilhauer before. But, what was intriguing to us happened in our first meeting. Vilhauer immediately came to the table with value propositions for the project that benefitted our project as a whole and not just any individual team member. That was a key factor for us selecting Vilhauer for our project. Combine that with their performance and you can understand why we have continued to use them on multiple projects ever since.

Bob Lemke - Project Executive

Satterfield & Pontikes Construction

Vilhauer performed on two of our Walmart projects. One of the projects had a very unique, very difficult earthwork package. These guys came in and understood the job and hit the ground running. It was a complex site. It was a rock site. There was a 30 foot rock cut. A lot of fill. A lot of retaining walls to hold the site together. It was a large site. It was obvious to us that Vilhauer understood the scope of the project and how we needed it built. Vilhauer just came in and knocked it out. They are certainly a sub we can depend on at the end of the day to perform the job correctly.

Chris Hays - Sr. Project Manager